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WEDGWOOD: Intalgio: Catalog number 187: A Vase. An exquisitely detailed intaglio from the Wedgwood & Bentley period.

C1775. ½" long.

WEDGWOOD: Special issue of this portrait medallion of Josiah Wedgwood, made for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Wedgwood. Solid black jasper, self-framing, and the excellent quality typical of the work of Bert Bentley.

4". 1930.

WEDGWOOD: Tricolour portrait medallion of the Comtesse du Barry, last Maîtresse-en-titre (official mistress) of Louis XV. Produced by Bert Bentley from the original 18th century model, with his usual excellent detail and undercutting.

BB1081. 4.5". C1925

WEDGWOOD: One of the one-off re-issues of 18th century portrait medallions produced by Bert Bentley during the 1920's. His usual excellent quality, and a good size.

BB1255. 5.25". C1925.

WEDGWOOD: Unusually large & fine example of the work of the well known decorator Bert Bentley. Clio, the muse of History, is reproduced with the exceptional detail and undercutting that has made his work so desirable.

The background colour is a rare shade of dark blue, similar to the modern 'Portland Blue'.

C1925. Medallion 9" high.

WEDGWOOD: Exceptional laminated jasper medallion of a priestess bearing a libation. Lapidary polished edges, pierced border with rosettes & nice undercutting all exemplify the est work of the period.

C1790. 3x2"

WEDGWOOD: Medallion in solid pale blue jasper of Venus and Cupid.

C1800. 2" tall.

WEDGWOOD: Basalt roundel of Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, in her chariot.

C1880. 1.5".

WEDGWOOD: Basalt roundel of Aurora in her chariot, with laurel border; decorated by Thomas Lovatt.

C1880. 1.5".

WEDGWOOD: A complete set of all 36 cameos of the Kings and Queens of England (class IX, section I in the 1773 catalogue). The set covers the period from William the Conqueror to George III & Queen Charlotte. These were sold only in sets, but to find a complete set now is very rare. Based on heads supplied by Thomas Astle, frs (1735-1803), antiquary and paleographer. With a custom made mount and leather bound box. The medallions are all separate, and not attached to the mount.

A few have had chips ground down at the back; Richard III broken neatly and reglued.


WEDGWOOD: Medallion is Charles II.

Mixed case mark. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion is William I; also called The Conqueror.

Mixed case mark. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion of William III.

Mixed case mark. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion of Charles I, also called The Martyr.

Small chip from back. Mixed case mark. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion of King Henry II.

Mixed case mark. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion of King Henry I.

Mixed case mark. Chip to back. C1785.

WEDGWOOD: Medallion in black basalt, depicting Venus and Cupid.

2.5" diameter. C1850.

*WEDGWOOD: An important pair of portrait medallions.

In black jasper dip, 18cm (7") in diameter, in modern gold leafed frames. They are portraits of John Flaxman (1755-1826) and his wife Anne (Née Denman).

The portraits were modelled by John Flaxman himself, and reproduced here by Thomas Lovatt, Wedgwood’s best and chief modeller during the last quarter of the 19th century. Flaxman worked for Wedgwood from the age of 19, and was the designer of much of the best work produced by the company. He was also well known as an artist and sculptor independently of his work for Wedgwood.


Not in the shop at the moment; available for inspection at our Carlton office by appointment.

*WEDGWOOD: Oval medallion of Hercules Strangling the Nemean Lion, one of the Labours of Hercules from Greek Mythology. Deeply modelled and a good polish to the basalt; recently framed. C1880. Medallion 7.5" tall. $1,350

WEDGWOOD: Josiah Wedgwood was a strong supporter of the movement for the abolition of slavery, and produced these medallions for people to show their support for the movement. This is a reissue in Black Basalt, of excellent quality & a good size at 4" tall.

Collectors' Society special commission. 1970.
#1330   WEDGWOOD: Black Basalt framed plaque of The Frightened Horse, originally modelled by Stubbs, in the original size - a full 16" across. 1997.

Small chip to bottom of frame; plaque in perfect condition.

*WEDGWOOD: Two basalt intaglios (seals) in exquisite detail, mounted as a necklace in a modern 18K gold setting and chain. They are numbers 319 (Sacrifice) and 140 (The Three Graces) from the 1779 catalogue. C1790. $2,250

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